I started brewing beer about a decade ago, as a high school student.  It was incredibly empowering to realize I had the ability to purchase the raw materials -- barley, hops, and yeast -- to create delicious alcoholic beverages.  At a time when my weekends had consisted of scavenged cans of malt liquor and ice beers, I discovered I had the almost alchemical ability to create rich, fragrant, complex, and yes, alcoholic, drinks with my own hard work.

Over the intervening years, life in the Willamette Valley provided ample opportunity to expand my knowledge of beer and refine my palate.  Now in Southern California, a post-baccalaureate course of study in engineering science has helped me develop a methodology and discipline I apply to the procedural and logistical aspects of brewing; this blog endeavors to demonstrate the creativity and care I pour into each ale I craft.