25 June 2010

New Weekly Column: What I'm Drinking

It's a challenge to my limited time and budget to provide regular updates on my brewing progress.  In an effort to blog about beer more often, I'm debuting a new weekly feature entitled, aptly, "What I'm Drinking."  Each week I'll describe and rate a new beer I've sampled.  For the inaugural edition, I'll be tasting Dogfish Head's Aprihop Ale.

The beer pours a light amber color with a light cream head.  At first sip, it is quite bitter -- to my tastebuds, even more bitter than I remember Dogfish's 60 Minute IPA tasting.  The malt profile is unremarkable, and the apricots lend a very subtle fruity sweetness that is only evident if the beer has had time to warm slightly.  Straight out of the fridge, it is non-existent.  The hop aroma is floral and a bit musky, in a good way.  After drinking, the bittering hops stick with you longer than any apricot flavors or aromatic hops.

Like most of Dogfish's brews, it comes in a four-pack of 12 oz bottles, and sells for about $9 here in Southern California.

Overall rating: 7/10

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